Green Shine Fertilizer



"Green Shine" is a new generation of Liquid fertilizer containing highly effective nutrition which can significantly increase yields of many cash crops and enhance the resistant ability of plants to adverse factors. This product will greatly contribute to the agriculture because it is safe to the environment and highly economical.

1. Enhance plant vigor, improve quality of crop products, and increase yield
2. Enhancing the ability of water absorption, maintain resistance to drought and cold.
3. Enhancing the resistance to pests and diseases and stresses.
4. Effective soil amendment improving the development of roots


  • GREEN SHINE contains macro nutrients and trace elements essential to plant nutrition.
  • Only a small dosage is required. Thus it is cost effective.
  • Green Shine is compatible with common insecticides and fungicides.



Foliar fertilizers can be taken up directly through the leaves and other plants beside the roots. Foliar Fertilization should only be used to supplement normal soil fertilization for most horticultural and plantation crops.

Green Shine foliar fertilizer should be particularly beneficial under the following conditions:
- It is most effective when applied early in the mornings or later evenings when evaporation rates are lowest.
- Nurseries before the roots are well established and there are high risk of root scorch from solid fertilizer applications.
- At establishment state in the field before the damaged roots of the transplanted plants are fully functional again.
- Severely nutrient deficient plants or plants debilitated by pests and disease requiring quick correction.
- Plants subjected to adverse soil conditions which impair nutrients uptake including prolonged periods of dry weather/water logging.
- Plants requiring regular application of nutrients due to adverse soil conditions or low soil supply.
- Plants subject to sudden very high nutrients demand e.g. of peak fruiting periods of fruits crops over short period of time.

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GSF packing details:

It comes in a UN1.2 Blue Drum of 225 Litres Open Top With Black Cover & Metal Gripper

gsf packing

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1. Green Shine Fertilizer Introduction

2. Chemical Safety Data Sheet/Material Safety Data Sheet

3. Crop Application Method

4. General guideline of application

About Ghadeer Inc (M) Sdn Bhd

GHADEER INC (M) SDN. BHD., is a high-tech enterprise. We are mainly engaged in R&D, manufacture and sale of Liquid NPK Fertilizer for plant nutrition especially the Green Shine extract products.
Owing to our good quality products, excellent service, smart insight and innovation, the Green Shine products of Ghadeer will bring green revolution in the world. Located in the Business Hub of Malaysian Harbor City of Port Kelang in province of Selangor D.E. Green Shine is admired by many clients for our abundant resources. Today Ghadeer Inc possesses 2 production lines, advanced technique and outstanding staff. All of those assure quality is the strength.
We continuously dedicated ourselves to providing high-quality NPK Liquid Fertilizer products for customers. We hope to work hand in hand with our faithful friends.

Ghadeer Inc (M) Sdn Bhd Ghadeer Inc (M) sdn Bhd has been in operation since 26 December 2008, now we are manufacturing a wide range of liquid fertilizers that are tailor-made and marketed as “complex reached multi-nutrient” fertilizer.
Green Shine fertilizers are made through a novel chemical process involving a number of core technologies. Green Shine fertilizers have low chlorine levels and have chelated trace elements, slow releasing compounds to reduce leaching and others that are essential for growth and production.
With increasing demands on our land to perform better coupled with increasing labor and financial costs, we firmly believe that a complete multi-nutrient approach will enable us to confront the coming years with enthusiasm.
Our fertilizers are made in Malaysia which is tailored made and strictly for respective plant crop requirement.
We are also believed in “A complete multi-nutrient and well balanced approach is the key to maximize economic yield”.

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1. Introduction of Ghadeer Inc (M) Sdn Bhd

Nurturing the Green Nature

Manufacturer and Exporter of Liquid Green Shine Fertilizers

No.10A Jalan Laksamana 11,
Taman Mewah Jaya 3,
41200 Klang, Selangor D.E.
TEL +603 5162 2208
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Sole Distributorship


We invite for "sole distribution" for our prestigious product "Green Shine Fertilizers". For more information about the sole distribution please contact on the below email address or click on equiry form

green shine fertilizer

green shine fertilizer

green shine fertilizer

green shine fertilizer